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Machine Framing for Automation Cells

Whether modifying existing automated machinery or designing a completely new automation cell design, the support frames are not an area to attempt to save money by going with generic or standardized frames. Support frames that can allow your application to operate with the highest precision and accuracy possible are vital. Unless you bought a generic turnkey automation system, it will be nearly impossible to find standardized support frames that will fit your application without heavy modifications. By buying and modifying generic frames, there is a very good chance you will make your system operate less reliably, accurately or precisely. After the cost of the standardized support frames, the time and manpower spent attempting to modify it and the loss associated with any extra downtime or defective products, little to no money will have been saved in the long run compared to just getting custom support frames from the beginning.

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Custom Support Frames

Every production system will have different purposes, tolerances, attachments or environmental needs. Our engineers can build custom support frames that were designed exactly to your specs to perfectly fit your application and needs with quality that can’t be rivaled. If you don’t know the exact specs that your frames will need to be built to, don’t worry. As long as you can provide us with the application and/or other machinery being used, the expert designers at JTM can help you design and then build frames that will perfectly fit your needs.

Get accurate and precise results with the highest quality support frames that no one in the industry can match. Contact us today with your application or specs for custom support frames from JTM Engineering & Development.

American Made Integration Cells

Everything we build at JTM Engineering & Development is manufactured right here in Wisconsin. We keep as much of the production in-house as possible to make sure we’re providing a product with the tightest tolerances and best fit and finish possible. 

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