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JTM Engineering & Development Industry Leaders in Custom Machining for Over 60 Years

George Gilman opened a machine shop in Janesville, Wisconsin back in the late 1950s, called Janesville Tool and Manufacturing. Like most other machine shops during that time, they did a wide variety of general machining.

While he was a talented machinist, he was more importantly a talented inventor that also happened to be a perfectionist. He would often create custom tooling and machines to finish jobs easier, faster and more profitably. After creating his first assembly press, he realized that it could quickly be adapted to many jobs around the shop due to its high versatility. News of his press spread throughout the area and he soon began manufacturing and selling presses exclusively, discontinuing his general machining business.

The JTM Difference

After the Roach family bought the company and expanded the amount of different manual presses they produced, business was good. After adding their first four pneumatic presses to production in 1989, business really began to take off.

As industries became more advanced over time, more and more specialized equipment was requested. As a result, the JTM Engineering & Development division was started. Continuing the long tradition of custom tooling manufacturing at Janesville Tool, JTM Engineering & Development products are built with the same reliability and quality that every industry has come to trust from Janesville Tool.

Because of our background, we are able to design and manufacture automation cells and other machinery for automated processes at a level that is nearly impossible to rival. Whether you need an automation cell for punching metal or a custom engineering table for other machinery, we will design it to perfectly fit your needs and ensure that it is built to your exact specs.

We take the quality of our products very seriously. Each product undergoes extensive testing to ensure that it is working at optimal efficiency for your applications. We also allow you to come see your new product in action, in-person at our factory located in Janesville, Wisconsin to ensure it meets your standards before signing off on it. No product leaves our doors without first undergoing our rigorous testing and obtaining your approval.

American Made Integration Cells

Everything we build at JTM Engineering & Development is manufactured right here in Wisconsin. We keep as much of the production in-house as possible to make sure we’re providing a product with the tightest tolerances and best fit and finish possible. 

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