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Custom Safety Systems for Automation Cells

When designing robot cells, the largest concern is always the safety of the operator. Custom guarding for machinery from JTM will help protect your employees while maintaining the optimal efficiency of your machinery. We can build machinery guarding exactly to your specs or help you design and implement the highest quality guarding available for any application. Whether we are helping you design an entire custom automation cell or manufacturing custom machine guarding built to spec for an existing platform, you can’t find higher quality OSHA-compliant machine guarding anywhere else. Some of our most commonly requested safety measures are safety light curtains, cell fencing and estop switches.

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Safety Curtains for Robot Cell Design

Laser safety curtain barriers can be customized and built to your specs to fit any existing system. Unlike other safety light curtain manufacturers, all of our builds are completely custom. If you don’t know exactly what you need, our engineers can help design light curtain machine guarding specifically for your application. Otherwise, just send us your specs and we’ll build it for you.

Robot Access Doors for Enclosed Machinery

Industrial robot access doors from JTM can be built to perfectly fit any application. Our engineers custom design every robot auto door to perfectly fit the exact machine they will be applied to, whether that is a complete machine we are custom designing and building for you or your current platform. Auto doors are ideal for machining centers that consist of machinery positioned side by side with a pick-and-place robot in the middle, moving components between the machines, but have many other uses. Our robot access doors can be configured to fit on the front, sides or top of the machine. They can be installed on CNC machines or nearly any enclosed machinery.

American Made Integration Cells

Everything we build at JTM Engineering & Development is manufactured right here in Wisconsin. We keep as much of the production in-house as possible to make sure we’re providing a product with the tightest tolerances and best fit and finish possible. 

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